Episode 7

Published on:

4th Jul 2021

Loneliness - Hope in Suffering

If you've felt lonely in the past year, you're, well, not alone! Our culture was struggling with high levels of loneliness even before the pandemic and now it is even worse. How are we to deal with this lack of connection? The Bible has a lot to say on the topic of loneliness and in this episode we dive in to the wisdom found in Scripture and it's really comforting and encouraging.

Season 2 is all about Hope in Suffering and we pray that these episodes will be really practical and uplifting for you if you're currently suffering or that you'll listen so that you can pass on the encouragement to someone else who needs it!


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The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence - it's free online!

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Theology Meets Reality
How to follow Christ not culture
Following Christ is not the same as following contemporary Christian culture.
Lisa and Greg Casimir are going back to the Bible to re-evaluate relevant issues and how to apply them in the messiness of life. Lisa has a master’s degree in theology and Greg has spent years working in a church and they have four children. Together they are living at the intersection of theology and reality. They bring humility, humor, and authenticity to a fun discussion of theology.
Join us for theological conversation, hope, and encouragement as you seek to follow Christ's teachings - even if it looks different from the church next door.

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Lisa Casimir

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Lisa is a Christ-follower with a passion for theology and family. She loves books, sunshine, and homeschooling her four kids. She has a master's degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and uses it in her daily life way more than you'd expect. She loves discussing important topics with her husband and now recording them for the world!

Greg Casimir

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Greg has a heart to serve and has used his gifts to serve as a husband for over 15 years, as a father for the over 10 years and in a secular role in a church for the last 14 and a half years. He has a bachelor's degree in sociology and thrives on helping people with technology issues. None of this would be possible without Christ, and he looks forward to sharing conversation, laughter and insight gained from his life of service.